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Can I open a real estate franchise without investment?


Can I open a real estate franchise without investment?

The real estate sector has not stopped growing. The success and notable growth of this sector may interest entrepreneurs, and perhaps for this reason you are thinking of entering this market.
And if you have in mind to undertake in this area, perhaps joining a major real estate franchise is the most convenient, so that it offers you the business comforts to start with everything you need. But, although franchisors offer a complete information package, you may have some questions such as can you open a real estate franchise without investment?
Aspects to consider
The truth is that to join any franchise, you must make a minimum investment. This is understood if we review the very concept of franchise.
According to this notion, it is a contract between two parties, in which one, called the franchisor, assigns the rights to use a trademark to the other party, called the franchisee.
Together with the brand, the franchisee can make use of the entire commercial system of the franchise, from the operation channels to the training to learn how to use them properly.
This use of the franchise system is not free, but must be paid by the franchisee as royalties established in a legal contract.
Types of franchises
There are luxury real estate franchises, which are highly expensive. You can also opt for a traditional real estate franchise. And even new models that take advantage of the advancement of ICTs.
Similarly, whatever the model chosen, there are various advantages and limits when deciding to enter the real estate market with a franchise.

Characteristics of a real estate franchise
Although it is true that on paper it is not possible to open a real estate franchise without investment, the reality is very different. Currently, belonging to a real estate franchise entails certain benefits that can make the difference between success or failure, which will help you more quickly or slowly to recover that investment or to pay a possible credit requested to join it.
And be careful, because there is not only the initial investment, but each franchise model has major and minor fees and royalties, as well as conditions that can help you afford the payment to join them. Here are some options that can help you!
●Split payment
To open a real estate through a franchise model without initial income, you can ask the franchise about the possibility of making the canon payment in parts, so that paying the initial amount is more bearable by having your own income as a franchisee.
Remember that, although in principle you should invest in the franchise, in the medium and long term this will mean a reduction in costs. The support of the franchise itself will allow you to save substantially on expenses, so you will have greater benefits from the first moment.
●Bank credit
The bank is always a resource for any business model. For him to trust you, you will need to convince him about the viability of the project. The franchise can provide you with a good business plan, which will help you obtain this credit.
In addition, you can consult entities that already have personalized plans for franchises. In fact, Banco Sabadell and BBVA have lines of business for this type of operation that include very interesting conditions.
●ICO Credits
ICO lines of credit and government aid offer you very favorable conditions to start a business model. This is done by the administrations and governments to favor the generation of employment and boost the economy in the different areas and sectors.
There are very interesting aids and ICO credits are designed exclusively for business activity. Getting information about it is as simple as visiting your local Business Association or the provincial Chamber of Commerce.
●Partner with an investor
Seeking the association with an investor can give you the financial support you need. In addition, new technologies currently include technological finance companies that were born with the objective of participatory financing. They are called fintech.
If new technologies do not offer you much confidence, you can always resort to patronage. This practice has existed since the 27th century BC, so its solidity is already more than proven.
The most current version is the so-called crowdfunding, or micro patronage, which is a way of collective financing that is governed by collaborative operation. That is, independently, lenders contribute a certain amount of money to a project, cause and company. In return, they receive some benefit or reward.
In addition, you can also resort to the figure of crowdlending, which is financing between individuals and companies. The loan

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